Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cloth Vs Disposables

Cloth VS disposable has always been something that a lot of people disagree on but  I think that over the past few years people are getting more and more into cloth for diapers, baby wipes,napkins, paper towels, and even feminine hygeniene products.

Not only does this save money it also is much better for the environment as so much less is going into the landfill.

I know it may be more money up front for diapers and more work BUT to me and so many people it is worth it.

We do buy one roll of paper towels a month but mostly all we use for cleaning are rags (old socks, washcloths etc).

Also, we use cloth napkins that we bought at a garage sale that were brand new and never been used.

A lot of it comes from being thrifty or for some just the fact that it is more enviro friendly, I think for me, it is a bit of both. I like saving the money but I also like the fact that I am helping the environment.

We have diminished the use of plastic bags and only use recycled cloth bags for groceries. 

I am not saying we never use plastic or disposable EVER but for sure over the past year or two we have slowed down on these things so much and we really notice a difference. 

How about you? Do you buy disposables at all anymore?

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  1. We were so INTO cloth diapers for about 6 months. Then we went on the road and it was too difficult without laundry machines! So sad - they are great and a MAJOR savings! Not sure why more parents don't use them.

    Nope - gave up paper towels quite a while ago! Not worth the money! And yes we use bags for groceries. Whenever we are in the USA I pick up a few at Trader Joe's.

    For me it is mostly about being frugal! Why spend money when we don't need to!