Saturday, June 16, 2012

Road Side Stands

You can tell summer is here when you are driving down the quiet country road and see this kind of thing. A sight that most people just adore. The road side stand of a hard working farmer trying to sell his products to make some money to keep his farm going. Whether it be a small operation or big one, I always feel good buying from the local farmers and knowing that their products are as fresh as you could possibly get them.

Why pay more for store bought? By the time the things get in the stores, they could be days old and you are obviously paying more for them than if you would from the person growing them.

Some farmer's sell by the road and others do Farmer's Markets either way, the products are fresh and you know the money is going right back to the farmers and to the community. There are farmer's that opt for the market if they don't have enough traffic on their road but however they sell their fruits and vegetables. I support them as much as I possibly can.

Sometimes they also sell fresh herbs, jams,jellies,pickles. or even soaps that they make themselves.

The other benefit to knowing a farmer that sells his/products is that a lot of the time you can get things (tomatoes that are seconds) for a great price because they are not #1. The farmer is usually glad to get rid of them at a discount than stuck with something that can't be sold.

Whatever they are selling you know where it is coming from and you know that it is of good quality.

Do you shop at Road Side Stands?


  1. Yes, roadside stands are awesome and it supports the local food movement.

    1. Most definitely and if you frequent enough you get that connection and most people like the repeat customers as well. Nothing like supporting the locals