Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday's of Days Gone By

I was just sitting here thinking of how times have changed since I was a child (which wasn't that long ago). I had to add that!!!

I remember Sunday was the day to go to church and for me, Sunday School along with all of the other children from the area.

It was a simpler time where families spent the day together. Where life seemed to stand still on that day so that we could be together and catch up with people. A time where the only stores open was possibly a gas station. A time where we got together as a community once a week and caught up with things that happened during the week. A time for rest.

My, how I miss those days. Nowadays, so many things have changed, there isn't a store that I know of that isn't open on Sundays, there are a lot more "broken" families and the children are at one parent's house on the weekend and the other during the week. It is really a shame, but it makes me really realize just how lucky I was to be brought up in a big family that loved eachother and by parents that loved us and were there for us.

I remember when I was a preteen, Sunday was a big meal for the extended family a lot of times, my aunts and uncles or grandparents would come and we would have a huge dinner (usually chicken and all the fixin's or ham) and there was always a yummy dessert to go along with it. We all visited and after the meal, we took turns gathered around the table playing 500.

I knew how special those times were back then and I cherish those days so much. Thinking back on those days always puts a smile on my face. I just wish and hope that the children of today will be able to say the same thing 30 years down the road.

Life is really about the simple things but at the same time, the simple things sometimes are the fondest memories you will ever have.

Have a blessed Sunday!


  1. I agree, times have changed. But not all of it bad. There are wonderful memories of days gone by. But plenty that should have never happened as well. Often times I think it was simpler but I'm not sure for who. There were people in the the past who had it worse than we would ever know. I do miss a lot of the good things in the past but there is plenty that I am so happy to see change. Don't forget Hobby Lobby is closed on Sunday :)

    1. Definitely things are not all bad. I love the moments we have today as well,the new times sharing with my husband etc.... I just can't help think back when things were so different and not all that long ago. LOL...on Hobby Lobby and you made me think...Chick-Fil-A is another one! :-)

  2. I remember with fondness when I was young going to church with my family, my aunts and my grandparents. We all sat together, and my gramma would write out little math problems for me to do so I would stay quiet and busy during the meeting. I remember watching her as we took the sacrament, wondering what she was thinking about. Good days.

    1. That is so great! Times seemed so much simpler back then. I know they worked like crazy and the women all stayed home and raised the kids (which was what my mother did)....Sunday was truly the day everyone stopped and smelled the roses, if you will. Sometimes we would go for picnics, just really great times and memories! :-)