Friday, June 15, 2012

To Coupon Or Not To Coupon

What is the big deal anyway???? The big deal is the big savings that you will notice on your grocery bill or any other places that take coupons. Whether it be restaurants or for oil changes. You can find coupons for just about everything these days and I think it is great!

There is nothing like the feeling of having a dollar off of something that only costs 99 cents to begin with. Am I an extreme couponer? Not at all, but I do coupon and we do save money. If you cut your coupons in the Sunday paper and apply them to something when it is on sale, a lot of times you can get things for practically nothing. Case in point, Bic Soleil Razors and Flex 4, I cut two coupons for 3.00$ off, I waited  til they were on sale for 3.99$ and so I managed walking out of the store with a package of razors for my husband and I for 1.98$!!! How good is that?

There are a lot of coupons that I don't use because I make my own cleaners and household products but for the things we buy, we average 10-15 dollars a month savings, not bad for ten minutes on a Sunday morning!

As far as restaurant coupons go, everyone gets coupons for Subway or Burger King  etc. Although we don't frequent those places, once in a while they have the buy one get one free coupon or if they are selling a new drink or something they will send out coupons with no purchase necessary.

It does come down to comparison shopping though because we do buy a lot of generic brands that are cheaper than the name brands even with the coupons. When you are on a tight budget though every penny counts.

If you don't use coupons and you want to help someone save money there are things you can do. I know of people that cut the ones that are of greater value and place them on those articles in the store so someone else can use them. Also, there is an organization called Coups For Troops that you can check out on Facebook or on their website and they used expired coupons and send to troops and their families overseas (up to 6 months expired) and it helps those families save money. I find both are a great way to give back and pay it forward and it is just a simple thing that could help someone out.

Do you coupon? Is it worth it to you? What are your thoughts?

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